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The Bringans Fasteners website has a main navigation bar across the top of each page. The grey arrow at the bottom of a long page will scroll your browser back up to the top so the main navigation is available for use.

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Bringans Fasteners recommends the use of the most recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape Navigator or Safari to browse this web site.

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There is an 'E' and '@' icon placed on every page of the site enabling you to communicate directly with Bringans Fasteners. If you receive an error message from your web browser when clicking on e-mail links in this site, you should check that your browser is configured to send e-mail correctly. For example, Netscape Navigator may return an error message stating that "Your e-mail address has not been specified". If you receive this or a similar error and you are not sure how to resolve it, please contact your network administrator or Internet service provider for assistance. Note that this is a problem with the configuration of your web browser, not the Bringans Fasteners site, and affects all web pages you visit, not solely the Bringans Fasteners site.

The Bringans Fasteners website is print friendly, and should not cause any problems for printing.

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If you connect to the Internet using a modem, Bringans Fasteners recommends the use of at least a 56.6 Kbps modem.

Areas of the Bringans Fasteners web site, offer links to sites elsewhere on the Net. These sites are outside of the control of Bringans Fasteners and are provided for informational purposes only. Accordingly, Bringans Fasteners accepts no liability for the accessibility, content or reliability of these sites. Please refer technical support queries for issues relating to linked sites or information to the respective provider.

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