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We are your one-stop shop for all security fasteners, including Torx® Pin-Head (6 Lobe Torx®), Torx Plus® Pin-Head (5 Lobe Torx®), Socket Pin-Head, Snake Eyes® Spanner, One-Way Slotted, One-Way Phillips®, Tri-Wing® and Tri-Groove. Exclusive Penta Drive design now available. If the product you need isn't available ex-stock, we can have it manufactured to your specifications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to request a quote.
Many other options are available - including exclusive "Restricted Distribution" designs for increased security in applications such as prisons. We also stock a full range of security nuts, security sleeve anchors, driving & removal tools for all our fastener models. Please contact us for details.

PAN Features a low profile, large diameter head with a high-edged crown for increased strength.
FLAT Installs flush with metal surfaces or countersinks with softer materials for clean appearance.
TRUSS Low profile offers added security against vice-grips removal. Large diameter head for increased fastening strength.
ROUND Widely used for general purposes. Features a high crown with a deep recess & smaller diameter head than our Truss or Pan Head designs.
OVAL Used where countersink installation is desired. Rounded head offers deep recess & is visible just above the surface.
BUTTON Used for general purposes with a lower crown & shallower recess than our Round Head design.
SHEET METAL A or AB Thread forming screw with locating point. Conforms to ANSI/ASME B18.6.4
METRIC Standard Metric thread machine screws offer a straight sheared point.
SELF-DRILLING Type AB thread with 410 heat treated stainless steel, #2 self-drilling point.
UNC AND UNF  Unified Coarse and Unified Fine thread machine screws, straight sheared point.

Maximum torque transfer & positive tool engagement means easier drive installation with less pressure & slippage. Torx® Pin-Head offers a high degree of security & requires matching driver bit.
> Torx® Pin-Head options and sizes.
Tamper-resistant Torx Plus® is a "Restricted Distribution" design, only available to users once an authorisation process has been completed. It is commonly used in prisons and other high-security applications and differs from the usual Torx® Pin-Head because it uses a five lobe design, with a centre pin - providing an increased level of security.
> Torx Plus® Pin-Head options and sizes.
Exclusive design - drive bits only available from the supplier.
> Penta Drive options and sizes.
Engineered for a high degree of tamper-resistance offering positive engaging, high torque transmission while resisting cam-out and tool wear. Available in Button & Flat-Head design or set screws (special order). Matching driver bit required for installation and removal.
> Socket Pin-Head options and sizes.
The original Snake Eyes® Spanner requires matching driver bit reducing the chances of unauthorized removal. Available in Pan, Oval, Truss & Flat-Head / Countersunk - stainless steel machine screws & self-tapping screws.
> Snake Eyes® Spanner options and sizes.
Economical Tri-Wing® tamper-resistant screws are the common choice for high volume assembly operations while offering a minimal degree of security. Machine & sheet metal screws are offered in Pan-Head, Flat-Head / Countersunk & Truss-Head designs.
> Tri-Wing® options and sizes.
Slots in the outer edge of the head provide a more positive drive with less risk of fastener distortion and breakage. Power-driven equipment may be used with the matching driver socket, making this model suitable for mass-production applications where both a high level of security and fast assembly time are required - eg. electronics or office equipment. Machine screws and sheet metal screws made of case-hardened, zinc-plated steel are available in Round-Head and Countersunk Round-Head designs.
> Tri-Groove options and sizes.
Popular design installs with standard screwdriver. Reverse side cammed out to prevent unauthorized removal. Machine and sheet metal screws available in Round, Truss or Oval-Head designs. Sex-Bolts also available.
> One-Way Slotted options and sizes.
High-torque, high-security installation using a standard Phillips® driver bit, which will cam out if removal is attempted. Suits non-removal applications. Available in sheet metal screws - steel with a zinc clear finish.
> One-Way Phillips® options and sizes.
A high security / proprietary design, offering a high torque installation in A2 stainless steel. These screws are available by special order only. Please contact us for details.
> Tri-Circ® options and sizes.
Our most popular models are the Snake Eyes® and Shear Nuts designs. Shear Nuts (also known as Breakaway Nuts) are a great option when a permanent fixing is required. They're commonly used in palisade fencing applications. Available in Galvanized, Zinc and Stainless. Exclusive "Restricted Distribution" security nuts for high-security applications are also available - please contact us for details.
> Security Nuts options and sizes.
For applications where security is required in an assembly anchored in brick, concrete or stone. Available in Torx® Pin-Head & One-Way Slotted designs. Stainless steel post, stainless steel or zinc plated sleeve. Also available as assemblies with Shear Nuts - please contact us for details.
> Security Sleeve Anchors options and sizes.

Security fasteners provide an added level of security through their drive design that prevents removal with ordinary screw drivers. Bringans Fasteners offers a variety of security fastener head-styles, drives and matching tools for their installation and removal. Available in machine threads, sheet metal and self-drilling screws. Sex-Bolts and security nuts also available.
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